Video notes: A video animation on the Christian doctrine of Patience/Longsufference as one of the fruits of the spirit taught on Galatians 5:22 I here  sought to show how being able to sactify or justify God as God in the midst of sufferings certainly amount to the fruit of patience.

Transcript: It is another pleasant Monday morning at the Southern Hamlet. Though George could not say the same. He had been suffering from intermittent headache for the past 3 days and have had to take pain relieves as often as he suffered. He as well as his mom are aware that he had best get a doctor’s checkup so it could hopefully be known if any other serious condition is causing the headaches, but this has not been possible.

Since they could not afford a doctor of themselves, they have had to seek help from the Church. The brother deacon in charge was informed already. However despite being known for his godly benevolence, the brother had not been able to arrange a doctor’s appointment as hoped. Mrs Simpson thinks the brother deacon must be trying hard enough – but that there has just not enough grace to prosper his efforts. George’s case has of cause also been made a subject of prayer – both publicly at the church’s prayer meeting and privately together with his sister and mother at the family altar.

All of which attempts when George comes to consider, reckons that God is simply not pleased to grant him deliverance as yet. Understanding that man cannot help him until God could grant that he should be helped.

“And he is still God in the midst of my prolonged suffering.” George justified God out loud.

Project notes:One of the few more complete and hopeful video animations. Amonsgt few others things, it is pending opening and closing clips. Again at one point the character George’s thumb sinks right into the table. I should there have to work out another version of the video that will have both desired editions incoporated. Dear God have mercey overall.